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Amusement Park Mežakaķis
Amusement Park Mežakaķis

Contains 7 different routes depending on the level of difficulty. Each route starts and ends on the ground. The last obstacle on each route is a zip line ride down a wire rope with a special pulley. Blue, Red and White routes also have interim finish where you can climb down in the middle of the course. The altitude of obstacles varies in different places from 2 to 25 meters. All start, finish and interim finish points on routes are connected with walking paths with informative signs.


Address Senču iela 1, Sigulda
Coordinates 57.143178   24.829157
Phone +371 67976886

Working hours



For adults - 18.00 EUR


For children (up to 17 years inclusive) - 12.00 EUR


For children who can only participate on the green route - 8.00 EUR


For children who can only participate on the yellow route - 5.00 EUR


The blue, red, and white route features an interim finish, where the participants can step out of the route. The height above the ground at various stages of the route ranges between 2 and 7 metres. All starting, finish, and intermediate finish points are connected to trails, on which informative signs are set up. Moving around the territory of the park beyond the marked trails and obstacles set up in the trees is not allowed. To manage all routes you will need approximately two hours. During the rest of the time you can go again on those stages of the route, which you liked the best.

Children’s park or yellow route (7 and 4 obstacles) - the children’s park is created for children, whose height or age still does not allow entering other routes of the park. In this route, special equipment for children is used with easy-open safety karabiners. They are intended more for entertainment of children than as actual necessity, because the height of the route above the ground ranges between 0.5–1 metres. The parents can accompany their children in the route by walking along the obstacles and giving the necessary help and support.

Warm-up or green route (12 obstacles) - the route is made at a low elevation above the ground with relatively short and easy obstacles, which is why it is more suitable for beginners and children. Regardless of that, this route is mandatory for each guest of the park before moving on to more difficult routes, because in this part each participant of the track is monitored by a staff member of the park to make sure that all security measures have been observed. This route is suitable for children over 110 cm tall. In order to go on other routes, the height of the participant must be at least 140 cm.

Blue route (13 obstacles) - this route is slightly more difficult and the obstacles are set up higher above the ground. Also this route is relatively easy and does not require extensive physical efforts.

Red route (14 obstacles) - the obstacles in the red route are set up higher and require more physical efforts, courage, and balance. In order to tackle this route, the participants must be prepared in the preceding routes.

Black route (15 obstacles) - made for athletic people, who wish to experience stronger sensations and engage in more difficult physical activities. The connections and safety trusses of the obstacles in this route are not as tightly fit and therefore balance is more difficult to keep. At the end of the track, there is a 100 metres long descent across the skiing route of Kaķīškalns.

White route (8 + 6 obstacles) - this route was created to avoid traffic jams on the black route. In terms of difficulty, it is a mix of red and black route with some very difficult obstacles. The route has an intermediate finish point, which allows staying off the last and most difficult stage of the route. The last six obstacles are made for those, who want a little more challenge – to test endurance, power, and balance.

An agreement with the adventure park can be concluded by a person, who is of age (at least eighteen years old).



Cross-country ski track
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