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Journey within the everyday life of Livonian Order`s Brotherhood
Journey within the everyday life of Livonian Order`s Brotherhood

Castle of Livonian Order in Sigulda offers explicit and historically active JOURNEY WITHIN THE EVERYDAY LIFE OF LIVONIAN ORDER’S BROTHERHOOD


Nowadays it is usual to describe the Livonian Order and its historical deeds in the categories fitting the colours of their flag – white and black.

Still, what was this military organisation and how did it manage to rule over the largest part of Livonian territory for almost 300 years?


1. This is where you’ll discover -

  • how the inner structure of the Order was formed and how did it function;
  • how did Order’s brothers and servants dress and arm themselves;
  • what was the everyday life and military campaigns of the Order’s brotherhood like.


Enter the castle:

  • to walk along the renovated guards passage to witness the defensive capacity of the fortification;
  • meet men at arms who garrison the castle;
  • put on the real battle armour and rise a sword;
  • ask and receive answers about any aspect of Order’s life.    


Entrance fees:

  • adults - 2.00 EUR;
  • students, retired persons - 1.00 EUR;
  • family ticket - 5.00 EUR (2 adults + 2 or more children under age of 15).


2. Activities of the Order’s garrison:

Daily training and tough religious discipline shaped the everyday experience of the brotherhood and formed their battle readiness and confidence.

Basic activities – attend to experience:

  • arming oneself for battle;
  • visiting the garrison’s quarters;
  • basic training for using knife, axe, spear and crossbow;
  • spearmen formations and battlefield tactics used;
  • get snagged – in case the battle is lost;
  • test a medieval leveller’s principle in action by testing a prototype of a war machine.


Price: or +371 67971335.



Visiting medieval Livonia used to be a very special adventure for every knightly traveller from around Europe. It promised possible battle field experience, chance for distinguished deeds of arms, church blessing for crusading, as well as – the taste of local prosperity. Order’s castles were the starting and end points of these Northern crusading adventures.

We lay our feasts in the castle garrison quarters, within authentic setting and lighting. All dishes served are freshly cooked according to the authentic recipes from the early 1400.

Order’s guests’ feast

Price: or +371 67971335.

Six specially selected dishes, during the feast – tales and stories about medieval feasting traditions, table etiquette, Order’s brother’s meals and fasts.

For amusement of the guests - shooting competition, wrestling, games and secret gambling, as well as special items and legendary weapons display.


Order’s very special guests feast – medieval gastronomic dream

Price: or +371 67971335.


Indeed noble feast setting – game meat, freshly smoked river fish, filled poultry, salad, snacks and fabulous desert. Specially chosen wine will be served with the meal.

For amusement of the guests - shooting competition, wrestling, games and secret gambling, as well as special items and legendary weapons display.




 (To be booked 2 weeks in advance)


Display of swordsmanship

The event lasts for half an hour, includes explanatory demonstration of the basic rules of battle swordsmanship, displays battle armour and gives its weak and strong points.

Costs: or +371 67971335.


Knightly deeds of arms – competition of 4 men at arms in various types of weapons, including shields, swords, battle axes, spears, maces.

Duration: 45 min.

Costs: or +371 67971335.


As for marriage occasions - the new married and their best can test their abilities for the real life:

-  in handling arms;

-  making a pledge and sealing it;

-  creating a patronage.

Duration: 60 min.


More information, prices and reservations:, phone: +371 67385831, +371 67971335.



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