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Kaķīškalns track
Kaķīškalns track

The big slope of Kaķīškalns is located on the Northern hillside of the ancient valley of the River Gauja and it is ~ 320 m long, the altitude difference is 80 metres. This is one of the sportiest slopes in Latvia and is well suitable for skiers with prior experience. 

The slope has been equipped with platter type ski lift with capacity of 700 people an hour. Furthermore, the slopes are artificially illuminated.


Address Senču iela 1, Sigulda
Coordinates 57.143178   24.829157
Phone +371 67976886
Working hours

Small slope
M. - Fr. 16.00 - 22.00
S.,Su. 10.00 - 22.00

Big slope

M. - Fr. 14.00-22.00

S.,Su 10.00-22.00


The small slope of Kaķīškalns is ~ 100 m long Southeast hillside and the height difference is 10 metres. This is a very suitable slope for children and beginners, because it is wide and gently sloping. The slope has been equipped with a cable ski lift, to which handles are attached. Also this slope is artificially illuminated.


Equipment rental

10 skis and 25 snowboard equipment sets are offered for rental at Kaķīškalns. Each year the equipment is renewed and supplemented. Our rental is intended basically for using the equipment at Kaķīškalns, as well as for trips to foreign skiing resorts, therefore such extent of equipment is sufficient. Also available for rent: skiing gears and helmets. Smaller equipment (gloves, goggles, socks) is for sale near the rental office.


Skiing and snowboarding instructor services are also available.


Skiing school for children

At the "Skiing school for children", your offsprings will learn how to ski properly and safely, with big and small turns, will learn the rules of being on a mountain, jump on trampolines, fall correctly, put skis on edges, ski between poles; the training sessions include loads of fun and play. Child will learn to feel independent and confident on the slopes and at the end of the season will be ready for the annual children's competition!


The training sessions of "Skiing school for children" is held regularly throughout the winter. The sessions are organised in groups. Each group (Little Mice, Cats, Tigers) can have 3 skiing sessions per week; join when you want and can. Duration of the 1st session – 1 hour, 45 minutes. More information on



Cross-country ski track
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