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Līgatne county in a small area combines sandstone rock outcrops and cliffs, the Paper mill's historic centre, nature trails, a ferry over the Gauja river and other interesting sightseeing objects.


Līgatne County Tourism Information Centre

Address Spriņģu iela 2, Līgatne
Coordinates 57.233661   25.040157
Phone +371 64153169
Working hours May - September
9 AM - 6 PM 
October - April
9 AM  - 5 PM


Līgatne County is unique - a small area has many different attractions and active recreation facilities. Every traveller can find something suitable. The territory of the county is located 20 km from Cēsis and 65 km from the state capital Riga. The national main road A2 Riga-Pskov as well as the railway line Riga - Lugaži - Valga (Estonia) crosses the territory.


Līgatne village got its town rights very recently - in 1993. According to the total area it is the 7th smallest town in Latvia. Since Līgatne acquired town rights, it was located in Cēsis district, but since 2009 district reforms, the town of Līgatne and the parish form a separate county, which includes the town of Līgatne, the parish, Skaļupe, Ratnieki and Vildoga. Līgatne county is located in Vidzeme region, ¾ of the territory is located in the territory of Gauja National Park. There are just over 1000 inhabitants living in the town, and around 4,000 inhabitants live in the whole area of the county. The total area of the county is 167.7 km², administrative centres - Līgatne and Augšlīgatne.


The entire town centre has been built since the beginning of the 19th century, when Līgatne paper mill started to develop, and as a result the town itself grew. At the beginning of 20th century, the social security level of Līgatne local inhabitants was among the highest in Europe. Paper mill workers were given separate apartments with firewood heating. There was a school, a hospital, a maternity house, an ambulance and a paper mill culture centre built in 1897.


Līgatne is a town located on 6 hills and only one valley, surrounded by beautiful forests, the Līgatne river, the Gauja river and countless sandstone outcrops. It is rich and proud of its wooden architecture and preserved authenticity, which cannot be seen anywhere else in Latvia. Unique testimonies of history are 333 cellar caves, which were dug by the factory workers for household use. They served as peculiar "fridges", some survived even from 1770, but one even had a local hospital morgue. Some of the cellars are still in use today, but some can be viewed by tourists. Lustūži rocks await the guests of Līgatne in the heart of the town. Lustūzis is the only rock in Līgatne, where the cellars are on 2 floors, with more than 40 cellars in these rocks.


Līgatne County is not large but very rich with beautiful sights - Līgatne paper mill and paper mill's cultural historical centre, Līgatne Nature Trails ,Vienkoči park (Log boat park), Līgatne wine and spoon workshop, Rehabilitation centre "Līgatne" and Secret Soviet Bunker , and Līgatne ferry, which is the only wooden crossing or ferry across the river in the Baltic states. As Līgatne county is rich in forests and trees, the guests of the town are invited to visit Vienkoči park (Log boat park), which popularizes green lifestyle and the use of nature materials. In the park you can see log boats, sculptures and light objects, there is a trail and a woodworking workshop - museum. There are models of different historical buildings and the first sand bag house in Latvia.


Using the diversity of the surrounding terrain, guests can engage in Nordic walking, raft, ride a canoe along the most beautiful river of Latvia - the Gauja river, ride a bike, ski in winter or just walk along the Līgatne trails, as they are enough for everyone.







Cross-country ski track
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