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23.05.2019 Diena
22o C,
23.05.2019 Nakts
13o C, R R. 2m/s
24.05.2019 Diena
18o C, ZR ZR. 4m/s

Mīlētākās pilsētas svētki no 31.05. līdz 02.06.

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Laura Pergolicci 2.jūlijā uzstāsies Siguldas pilsdrupu estrādē

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Laura Pergolizzi will return to Sigulda castle on July 2nd

From light ballads and whimsical whistling till horseness of rockmusic and penetrating hights of falsetto – that is how multifaceted and seemingly easy to use is her voice material.

Less than two years were needed for this miniature artist with fenomenal voice to become a soulmate for quite meaningful part of Latvian community.

This is evidenced by the enthusiastic fedback after the first LP concert in Arena Riga, and especially after the last Summer’s show in Sigulda castle. Consequently LP’s performance in the middle of Summer in Latvia becomes a nice tradition.


Widely known with her superhit Lost On You (streamed at least 500 million times and video on Youtube is watched almost 250 million times), now Laura has added to her song account already fifth full lenght album “Heart To Mouth”. LP tells that named it so because when she wrote the melodies she felt: “[..] a direct connection between heart and mouth. No matter if it is sad songs or huge hymns, they are all coming from the same place.”


The whole tour is named after the latest album, so along with already well known hits Lost On You, Muddy Waters, Strange, When We're High, Other People, Tightrope etc. there will be also new ones Girls Go Wild, Shaken, Special un Recovery.


Asked about her connection with audience, LP explains: “For me all my listeners are one big family. When you see eyes burning and understand that your music are reaching them, it’s the feeling you can’t compare to anything else, an actual miracle! I understand that my fans absolutely don’t care how I look, how old I am, the important thing is that they go deep in the songs and get the message what I want to pass on. The love unites us.”


Tickets will be on sale starting April 12, 10 am on


More info:



Lost On You

Other People



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