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Take a stroll through the picturesque gardens and parks of Sigulda

We invite the Sigulda and its guests to go for walks through the picturesque Sigulda parks, gardens and enjoy Sigulda's splendid atmosphere.


Sigulda castle  garden

Both thecocals and the city guests are invited to visit the castle quarter area and the renovated castle garden. The castle garden has been renovated with old and new walkways, benches and bicycle huts. The garden of the castle was renovated according to how the the manor looked like at the end of the 19th century - it contains more than 50 ornamental fruit trees and berry seedlings, as well as villainous lilac, hydrangea, Japanese spirits, park roses and other flowering shrubs.



Key Square

In the place where Raina Street meets Pils Street, in 2007, celebrating the 800’s anniversary of Sigulda, the Keys Square was installed. It consists of several artistic metal objects - a bridge, arches and keys, which are stylized in harmony with each other. According to the chosen urban design, each year the flower toparium is made of different plants. The composition, flower arrangement and variety, as well as the choice of plants, are directly dependent on the chosen design of the city, which is changed every year. Three huge iron keys, supported by a stone wall and metal arches, symbolize the three historical centers - Sigulda, Turaida, Krimulda - and their unity.


Walkings Stick Park

A great place for leisurely walk will be the Walking Stick Park, which was opened in 2007 as a tribute to the most characteristic souvenir of Sigulda - a walking stick. Walking Stick Park is located at the intersection between Cēsis and Poruka streets. You can take a photo with Sigulda's historical tourism souvenir as well as see the magnificent greenery.

Sigulda has more than two hundred years of history of making the walking sticks. Already in the 19th century, it is stated in the guides that a walking stick will be useful for walking along Sigulda’s trails. In the 1930s, when native land travel was particularly encouraged, holiday trips to Sigulda were particularly popular, the  demand for walking sticks increased. That’s how the Sigulda walking stick became  popular souvenir and a useful attribute to Sigulda's guests.


Festivity square

For a glorious view, we recommend that you visit the Sigulda Festivity Square. It was built to celebrate the 800’s year of the city Sigulda in 2007.As the name of the Festivity Square itself shows, this place brings together local residents and guests of Sigulda to celebrate various festivals, concerts and anniversary events. The festive area is a popular place for walks in Sigulda. From the viewing area on the outskirts of the Festivity Square, there is a breathtaking view of the Gauja River valley and the Krimulda Castle on the right bank of the river.


Rainis’ park

If you want to spend your time leisurely, entertain your kids, then we recommend for you to visit Rainis’s Park, which is located at Raiņa Street 1. The park is the largest recreation place for children and millennials in Sigulda. It is divided into playgrounds for children of different age groups and also features a basketball court and a skate park. Children and pupils of different ages will find different interesting activities here.


Maija park

If you want to enjoy a walk through a green area of trees, we invite you to visit the Maija Park, which is located in the heart of Sigulda. There are several benches in the park where you can sit and relax. The park boasts green trees and shrubs of various types and ages, making the surrounding environment particularly attractive. In the park there is a monument "Daina", which was created in 1939, but it only returned to Sigulda in 1980.

Sigulda is a "green" city where every nature lover will find recreation opportunities. We invite you to visit the "green" jewels of Sigulda - gardens, parks and squares!



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