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Charge your happiness in Sigulda's trails

We offer to see nature objects in Sigulda, which are known for some, but to others they may be brand new. So consider the time to go there so you don't really meet others but only be by yourself and charge your happiness!




Paradise hill-Painters' hill

Where else you can breathe in more of happiness and greatness, as in the most picturesque and one of the most extensive stops - Paradise hill or Painters' hill!  Why the most picturesque? Because the breathtaking extensive landscape of Paradise hill from the cliff to the Gauja valley, which was painted by such prominent artists as Julius Feders, Janis Rozentāls and Wilhelm Purvītis creating its name! 



The view from Paradise hill streches up to 12 km distance. Overlooking the Gauja valley is the tower of the Turaida Castle, below, at the foot of the main coast, the site of the ancient houses of the hill. The most spectacular landscape is the Gauja valley and the 80 meters below the Gauja sighting. Sightseeing of the Paradise hill can be combined with the route: Sigulda.The wild ravine of the river Vējupīte and mound Paradīzes.


The Bridge over Gauja River

The Bridge over Gauja River. The first bridge over Gauja river was built in 1937 - a particularly complicated technical structure at that time, but soon afterwards destroyed during the war; it was restored in 1950. Until 1937, both pedestrians, carts and even cars were brought across the Gauja by a ferry.



On September 3, 2017, after the reconstruction, the renovated bridge over Gauja river in Sigulda was opened. During the course of these construction works, the effects of the war were also eliminated - the very first bridge, built in 1937, was recovered from the river after it was blown up during World War II. The bridge has a new waterproofing and a new asphalt covering. There are also extended sidewalks for easy access for people with reduced mobility and parents with strollers.


Trail along Gauja River to Gutman's cave parking  

Crossing the Gauja Bridge, take a peaceful walk on trail along the Gauja River (up to the Gutman's cave parking lot). On the right bank of the Gauja valley, along the trail from the Gauja bridge to the parking lot of Sigulda County Tourism Information Centre “Gūtmaņala”, you can see the Gauja River, sandstone cliffs with different caves and fish thrush nests. At the foot of the cliffs are springs that maintain the microclimate of the valley. On the bank of the Gauja there is a well-equipped picnic area for having a drink or enjoying a sandwich. Just remember- what you bring to nature, take it back with you! The trail can be combined with the route: Sigulda Classics in Gauja National Park



We can be strong, if we are happy. We have to be like a rock- we can  shaky, but when challenges comes, unbreakable. 


Small Cave

The length of the Small Cave is 14 m, the height at the entrance is 3.6 m. During the Soviet union era, the Small Cave was called the Revolutionary cave, because it was found there significant revolutions of the 1930s (proclamations).



Viewing of the Small Cave can be combined with the route: Turaida Ravines and Caves


Peter's Cave 

Peter's Cave is hidden on the left bank of the Vējupīte Valley. It can be seen as a cross between a small ravine and a cave. The length of the cave reaches 6.5 meters, maximum width 2.2 meters, height 5.3 meters. On the right side of the cave there is a cross-gap - it is almost 2 meters long and 0.5 meters wide. 



A visit to Peter's Cave can be combined with the route: The wild ravine of the River Vējupīte and mound Paradīzes 

If you have a feeling right now that you are at the very bottom of the cliff and it feels  impossible and difficult to go up - don't worry, maybe it's not impossible. Start slowly, pick a path and start there! 

Krimulda Serpentine road

Krimulda Serpentine road, which at first seems long and endless, is actually very saturated and interesting road to take!


Modern roads connecting Sigulda, Krimulda and Turaida have been around for centuries. One such road with a rich history is the Serpentine road from Krimulda to Sigulda. It is partly located in the protective moat of the Krimulda medieval castle and is directed downhill to Sigulda. With the development of road transport and road construction, the Serpentine road was no longer lit in the second half of the 20th century. In 2006, the historic road was reconstructed with pavement, lighting lanterns and benches.

The Serpentine Road has become a romantic walking destination for locals and visitors and is accessible to both pedestrians and cyclists. 

Viewing the Krimulda Serpentine Road can be combined with the route: Sigulda Classic in the Gauja National Park or take the Vikmeste Nature Trail.



Lakstīgala Ravine


If you've overcome one mountain, go head to the next one! But along the way, take a look at the magnificent nature, the power of water in the Lakstīgala Ravine.

It is a deep ravine with a small stream that crosses the left bank of the ancient Gauja valley. In its southern part, there is a staircase that leads to Sigulda beach.

You can combine the sightseeing of the Lakstīgala Ravine with a route: One day around Sigulda and Allaži


Sigulda Serpentine Road 

Sigulda Serpentine Road, about 600 meters long, leads from the River Gauja to the Sigulda Festivity Square, giving you an opportunity to discover the unique beauty of the Gauja River Valley from another angle.

The Serpentine Road, created in 2015, is paved with several viewing areas, including a "Mīlas beka" (love beck) that offers a beautiful view of the Gauja.


Emperor's Chair and Emperor's View

You are in charge of your life and happiness! Head to the Emperor's Chair and the Emperor's View!

A viewpoint where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Gauja valley and Turaida castle.



Already since the 19th century, tourists in Sigulda have been visiting sights where you can see the ancient Gauja valley. One such place is the Emperor's Chair and the nearby Emperor's View. The place is named after the visit of Russian Tsar Alexander II after his trip to Sigulda. While waiting for the guests, Sigulda and Krimulda surroundings underwent several improvements - a serpentine road was built, a temporary wooden bridge over the Gauja River and a viewpoint on the bank of the Gauja valley were built. During the visit, the Tsar and his spouse planted a single tree at Laurenči in a specially prepared sight, possibly a linden tree. From this time the viewpoint is called the Emperor's Chair because the Russian Emperor was fascinated by the beautiful landscape that look over from the viewpoint to the ancient Gauja valley.

Viewing of the Emeror's Chair and Emperor's View can be combined with the route: Sigulda-Krimulda-Sigulda


Fresh air, birds chirping, breathtaking views and flower blooms are all you need to recharge yourself and make you smile! 


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