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Relaxation in Sigulda

It's time to pamper yourself or someone you love with a well-deserved rest, a refreshing swim or a relaxing sauna treatment.

Sauna and SPA recreation not only improves mood, but also maintains a lively spirit.

Choose one of the available saunas or spas and enjoy a leisurely rest in Sigulda!

There are many places in Sigulda where you can enjoy a swim in the pool, wait for the sunset in one of the hot jacuzzis or enjoy a good jump in the lake!






Relaxation in Sigulda

Sigulda Sports centre


The water theme park is a place to enjoy a leisurely holiday for the whole family or by yourself in a real tropical climate between palm trees and waters, where the water temperature is +30 degrees all year round.

There are three different saunas for everyone's taste: sauna, steam and infrared, which will warm the body in the deepest layers, improve metabolism and free it from toxins, and a cold water pool designed to cool off after saunas all year round.

Everyone will also enjoy hydromassage beds, hydromassage showers, which will rejuvenate and improve your well-being and the real Alpine sun on the second floor of the water park.

There is a café in the water park area, where visitors can enjoy snacks, cocktails and other beverages in a tropical atmosphere.


Address  Kronvalda iela 7a, Sigulda
Coordinates  57.0158171, 24.857399
Phone +371 25448860


Aparjods Sauna

At Hotel Aparjods you can enjoy a sauna and an open-air Arctic SPA bath. 

The bath has up to +40 degrees warm water and it works in both winter and summer, so you can look at the stars and enjoy the magic of the night while relaxing in the SPA!


Address Ventas iela 1a, Sigulda
Coordinates 57.141408   24.844685
Phone +371 67972230


SPA Hotel Ezeri relaxation centre

Lovers of a real sauna have the opportunity to enjoy the Latvian rural sauna ritual in one of the two offered saunas - sauna or steam bath, hot and cold pool with massage equipment, contrast pools for foot, outdoor pool and warm SPA pool on the terrace under the open sky.

Enjoy one of the aromatic body and facial treatments, you will feel even better than ever!

Pearl bath, hydromassage, gymnastics - enjoy the whirlpool of harmony and immerse yourself in indescribable feelings.

Lovers of a country sauna have the opportunity to enjoy a real Latvian sauna ritual with steaming, greasing and enjoying tea under the guidance of an experienced bather.


Address Ezeri, Siguldas parish
Coordinates 57.131916   24.854232
Phone +371 67973009

Hotel Sigulda Sauna complex

After long walks in Sigulda, dive into the refreshing water of the pool, relax, regain your energy and let the healing spirit tale over in the sauna steam!
Hotel Sigulda’s leisure complex offers a Finnish sauna and a steam bath.
After the sauna, also try a contrast shower or cool off in the pool! 
Address Pils iela 6, Sigulda
Coordiantes 57.15551   24.85244
 Phone  +371 67972263


Krimulda Manor 

Among the trees and meadows you will find Krimulda Manor, which is an ideal place for a cozy rest.

There you can find a variety of wellness treatments, healing courses, mud treatments and much more!

The spacious manor rooms also have cozy seating areas to relax after the treatments.

You can drink tea and sit in the sauna area. On the sunny veranda you can relax on the sofa and read a book or capture the spectacular view of the ancient Gauja valley.

The manor has many balconies and terraces, so you can enjoy great scenery and fresh air without even stepping outside the building. The children’s lounge also has its own play corner.



Address Mednieku iela 3, Sigulda
Coordinates 57.167765   24.829883
Phone +371 28304088

Kaķītis Sauna

If you want to enjoy the healing power of the sauna and forget about the daily rush and worries for a while, go to the sauna complex of the hotel "Kaķītis".

The complex includes three types of saunas - a hot sauna, which reduces muscle tension, a gentle sauna, which slowly, deeply and gradually warms the whole body, causing a sense of balance and harmony of the mental body and steam baths enjoyed by the Romans and Greeks.

The best properties of a steam bath: it reduces stress, improves blood circulation. In the sauna complex can also relax in the two hot tubs available (jacuzzi and arctic outdoor bath).


Address Senču iela 1, Sigulda
Coordinates 57.143178   24.829157
Phone +371 67976886

Hotel "Good Stay Segevold" SPA

Hotel "GS Segevold" has a spa area with a swimming pool, cascades and back-flow, a hot tub, a steam bath and a sauna, as well as various types of showers.

A visit to the recreation complex and SPA procedures will relieve you of fatigue, stress and the bustle of the city.

In the relaxation centre you can enjoy a swim in the jacuzzi, regain peace of mind and body in the sauna. 



Mālpils iela 4B, Sigulda
Coordinates 57.143680   24.857196
Phone +37167974848; +37129645432


Villa Alberta

The SPA area offers relaxation in the sauna, relaxation in the jacuzzi, as well as it is possible to book a body massage in advance! 

For more fun evenings, Villa Alberta offers you to rent a billiard room, relax on the summer terrace and enjoy the atmosphere of Sigulda.


Address Līvkalna iela 10A, Sigulda
Coordinates 57.166073   24.862614
Phone +371 27770203



Relaxation around Sigulda

A visit to the sauna under the starry sky, relaxation in a hot tub or cup of hot tea after a massage - all this is also available in the vicinity of Sigulda.


Bucefāls guest gouse offers a sauna complex with a small lounge, sauna, Japanese hot tub and swimming pool, where you can relax!

The atmosphere in the guest house can be described as an oasis of peace, because when you enter it, there is silence from the noise of the outside world.

Especially now, in summer, you can listen to the songs of birds and enjoy the peace and quiet.


Address Ceļmalas, Siguldas parish
Coordinates 57.153865   24.899935
Phone +371 67976677




Brūveri Sauna

In the ecologically rich and energetic place, a Latvian-style herbal sauna was built from solid logs.

Unlike many other saunas and recreation places, only those who enjoy sauna procedures and steaming are welcome.

The Devil's Cave bath has its own aura and smell, which can be found in the ancient Latvian country saunas.


Address Brūveri, Sigulda
Coordinates  57.155440   24.819860
Telephone +371 26092153


In "Ziedlejas" you can experience a ritual sauna treatment led by a master - each sauna lover receives the master's attention and careful pampering for 4-5 hours.

Bath rituals take place in the Glass sauna, designed in a contemporary design, and in the Smoke Bath, which is full of originality. 

The sauna treatment includes heating, herbal compresses, herbal scrub, "beating", swimming in the pond, massage with healing oil and honey, vibration with sound, tea, home-baked bread.

Everything you need for perfect rest and relaxation.


Address Ziedlejas, Krimulda district
Coordinates 57.1428 24.7819
Phone +371 29491087


For sauna lovers, Jaunzāģeri offers an exclusive bath ritual in the black sauna or in a bath barrel. The black sauna is heated with alder wood.

The sauna procedure usually lasts 3-5 hours. The sauna ritual program for each client is individually tailored, after evaluating the client's sauna experience and health.


Address Jaunzāģeri, Krimulda parish
Coordinates 57.230054   24.904653

+371 22020033



Hotel "Reinis" SPA

After an active day on the golf course or an intense work week, sauna is exactly what will be able to give you energy for the weekend and next week's work.

Reinis SPA offers a peaceful break in the wood-fired sauna, which features a hydromassage pool and a fireplace hall for dinner or just chat with friends and enjoy the peace and quiet!


Address „Reiņa trase”, Krimulda parish
Coordinates 57.179666   24.817547
Phone +371 29272255



Guest house "Švinkates" is located next to a pond, which makes relaxation in the sauna even more interesting! Jump in the lake in the night light or relax in the hot tub!

 Peace and quiet awaits you in the guest house "Švinkates".


Address Švinkates, Allažu parish, Sigulda county
Coordinates 57.026197   24.834966
Phone +371 26597455 


In addition to relaxation, we recommend visiting the Aromabreathe workshop in the Sigulda Castle quarter


The main activity of the Aromabreathe workshop is the creation of natural cosmetics, herbal hydrolates, herbal teas and aroma products. 

There is a perfume workshop, where anyone can apply and create a perfect aroma from natural ingredients for you. 

In the workshop, it is possible to buy aroma products made by "Aromabreathe", prepared by a certified aromatherapist Gunta Brante. 

Finding "your" scent will bring harmony and peace to the soul in difficult or tense moments.


Address Pils iela 16, Sigulda
Coordinates 57.1653487,24.8504208
Phone +371 20234783
Working hours Daily 10.00-18.00


In order for the rest to be complete, we recommend that you check the availability of services and make a reservation for the service of your choice before arrival.



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