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Enjoy the natural scenery by cycling in Sigulda!

15th Autumn Plant Parade

Boating routes in Gauja National Park

Tourism objects surrounding legends

Events in Sigulda 2019!

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Travel agency RIVASI
Travel agency RIVASI
Address  Sigulda
Phone +371 29149567


Exciting guided tours along Sigulda and its surroundings.


Let's get acquainted with the cultural and historical heritage of the county, the magnificent nature of the Gauja river old valley, walk through the sightseeing places in Sigulda which were most popular during the visit of Emperor Alexander II.

Along the footsteps of the emperor Alexander II.


Sigulda gardens and parks During the excursion Sigulda town flower gardens - SPA hotel Ezeri garden, Walking sticks' park, Atslēgu (Key) square, Topiārijs and the most tended gardens of the town inhabitants.


Allaži nature trails Allaži church - Mežmuiža (Kaļķugrava springs) - Černausku oak tree - Černausku cult boulder - Ezernieki karst sink-holes - Zviedru (Swedish) church.


Glory and victory road in More Roznēni legionnaires cemetery - Safari park "More" - Museum of Battles of More - More's remembrance park - Mini Zoo "Salmiņi"


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Routes Price               
With our transportation
(max 7 people)   
Three Castle Route

Sigulda Medieval castle and New castle - cable car - Krimulda manor - Gutman's Cave - Turaida Museum Reserve
2h - 45.00 EUR
3h - 60.00 EUR
4-5h - 75.00 EUR
35.00 EUR
Walking the Emperor's Alexander II path
Sigulda Medieval castle and New castle - Gutman's Cave - Krimulda manor - Bobsleigh and Luge track Sigulda - Emperor's view and Emperor's chair
3h - 60.00 EUR
4-5h - 75.00 EUR
45.00 EUR
Sigulda + Krimulda
Sigulda Medieval castle and New castle - Gutman's Cave - Turaida Museum Reserve - Krimulda Manor - krimulda church
4-5h - 75.00 EUR Extra
60.00 EUR
Sigulda's parks and gardens
During the tour you will visit SPA Hotel Ezeri magnificent garden - Walking-Stick Park, Key Square - Shell - and local private gardens.
4-5h - 75.00 EUR Extra
45.00 EUR



Cross-country ski track
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