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Vienkoči Park
Vienkoči Park

The Vienkoči Park popularise the green lifestyle and use of nature materials, but most of all the wood that the log-boats are maid of. The park offers a display of log-boats, chairs, sculptures, lighting elements and other wooden articles.


Address Cēsu district, Līgatne parish "Vienkoči"
Coordinates 57.191667   25.055539
Phone +371 29329065
Working hours

In summer season (from May until October)

every day from 10 AM until 6 PM

In winter season (from November to April)

every day from 10 AM until 4 PM


Adults - 3 EUR

Pupils, pensioners - 2 EUR

pre-school children visiting the park with family - free of charge

Pre-school children in groups (kindergarten groups) - 1 EUR

Students with ISIC card - 20% discount of the admission fee


Additional information about the prices for guided tours - here


In the diverse areas of the park, models of historic manor houses and other buildings, as well as wooden sculptures, ethnographic buildings, log boats, tar kilns are located.

Here you can see the first sand bag house in Latvia, get acquainted with its construction process and find inspiration for green lifestyle.


The Woodworking museum is located in Vienkoči Park, which is set up as an ancient workshop. Recreational and picnic areas have been created in the park territory, which will be great for a leisurely relaxation both in the family circle and in the largest company of friends.

There is a wooden playground available for children.

In the dark hours of the day, you can go for night walks with torches.


Vienkoči Park offers excursions with the guide, thematic excursions for pupils, special programme for newly-weds, nature ornaments' workshop, picnic places etc.

At the Woodworking museum you can find out how ancient craftsmen made household things for both manor owners and other people.


In the Woodworking museum and park area, you can get acquainted with the nuances of making log boats and other wood products from the Stone Age to the present day.

Special attention is paid to exploring the manufacturing process of log boats.

During thematic events those interested can participate in workshops.

Visitors have the opportunity to buy log boat dishes and kneading doughs from the museum's workshop.

Log boat dishes are made of various species of leaf-bearing trees growing in the Gauja National Park and treated with propolis, linseed and beeswax.


Cross-country ski track
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