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Creative workshops at Sigulda Castle Quarter
Creative workshops at Sigulda Castle Quarter

We invite you to visit the historical centre of Sigulda!

The origins of the town of Sigulda can be found right here, in this strategically chosen and scenic location.



 Time has left countless strata here from the time the castle was built back in the 13th century through to the time it lost its importance as a military fortification in the 18th century. A century later, the castle ruins had become a popular place for lovers to embark on romantic walks. Meanwhile, the outer castle was flourishing. In its grounds, the Kropotkin family built the New Sigulda Castle and established the centre of the manor, thus initiating the traditions of tourism in Sigulda.



In surviving World War I, the Latvian Association of Journalists and Writers took up residence in the castle. Both the manor buildings and New Castle underwent major renovations in 1937, transforming the interior of the castle into a pearl of Romanticism, leaving the outer façade as the sole example of the castle’s historical neo-Gothic appearance.



After World War II, for almost 40 years, access to the castle grounds was restricted and medical institutions were installed in the buildings.


With the restoration of the country’s independence, the Sigulda Castle regained its status as a popular leisure spot for local residents and visitors to the castle. With the support of the local council, the historical centre’s buildings have been restored and they have become workshops used by energetic and creative Sigulda craftsmen.



Sigulda Walking stick workshop


Visitors to the workshop have the chance to take part in the process of making a walking stick, as well as to discover the history of making walking sticks right from its origins. The history of crafting walking sticks in the Sigulda area dates back more than 200 years. According to 19th-century travel guides, “A walking stick will be most useful for a walk along Sigulda’s gorges, which you buy from a boy.”


Baltic Jewellery


Baltic Jewellery from days of old through to the present day. Copies of ancient jewellery found right here in Sigulda and Turaida, along with old motifs on contemporary jewellery and collections of modern jewellery inspired by nature. We are proud of our rich heritage, the inspiring beauty of nature found here in Sigulda and Latvia as a whole, and are passing on these assets in the form of jewellery!


Ceramics workshop


Vastly experienced artisans Elizabete and Osvalds offer you the chance to discover the process of how clay is transformed into an ornate vase, cup, plate or other ceramic product. Art lovers will be delighted by the ready products on sale at the workshop. The workshop is arranged so that visitors can not only observe the craftsmen at work but also get involved in themselves. Booking in advance, you can make your own clay whistle or whistling bird, try out your skills working with a potter’s wheel and make your own special dish or souvenir.


Textile Workshop


The goal of the workshop is to preserve, improve and develop the ancient craft of weaving in a contemporary environment. The weaving process is on view in the Textile Workshop – in the hands of a skilful weaver, the thread is transformed into a woven product: a scarf, pillow, table path, rag rug or serviette. The woven cloth is used to make bags, butterflies and other products. Ready products are on sale in the workshop and individual orders can also be made and fulfilled. The textile products are made from natural materials including linen, wool and cotton. Visitors to the Textile Workshop have a unique opportunity to view various looms – lever looms, floor-standing tapestry looms and looms placed on tables. The workshop’s greatest asset is the antique looms designed and made by Pēteris Viļumsons.


Leather Artel


Sigulda artisan Marina Lūse invites you to discover one of the oldest craft forms: leather treatment, make a gift or buy souvenirs. Visitors to the Leather Artel can observe the process of a work being made, as well as make their own interesting and useful gifts. Modern technology makes it possible for everyone to become an expert, and create simple souvenirs like belts, keyrings and bookmarks, etc., using the technique of leather plastic processing.


“Viktors' letters” paper art workshop


A romantic place in Sigulda Castle’s wooden manor house, where artist Zinaīda Ceske uses documents utilised by Sigulda District Council to create hand-poured works of paper are, as well as plants from the natural environment of the ancient Gauja River Valley. The paper art workshop in Sigulda Castle’s creative area was launched in 2013, honouring a legend by providing us with a reminder of the 400-year-old love story between Maija, the Rose of Turaida, and the Sigulda Castle gardener Viktors.




The core activity of the Aromabreathe Workshop is the production of natural cosmetics, plant hydrolases, green teas and aroma products. It is home to a fragrance workshop, where members of the public can apply to create a fragrance from natural ingredients according to their own individual tastes. Aromabreathe aroma products are on sale at the workshop, which has been made by certified aromatherapist Gunta Brante.



 Design stationery. Photo albums for your dearest memories. Planners for people who want to achieve more.


 Sigulda Ice Cream

“Sigulda saldējums” (Sigulda Ice Cream) has created 20 new and original recipes with only the most natural ingredients. To highlight local flavours, ice cream is made using fruit, berries, vegetables, herbs and other products grown in Latvia, including strawberries, raspberries, black currants, sea buckthorn, cherries, malt, rye bread crumbs, cranberries, lingonberries, apples, honey, meadowsweet and peppermint, etc.



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