We invite you all to the final event of the gardening season “Autumn Plant Parade 2023”, which will take place at the Sigulda Festival Square on September 16 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

“Autumn Seedling Parade 2023” will be held for the eighteenth time this year, and at the event, seedling nurseries from all over Latvia will offer a wide range of fruit trees and berry trees, decorative trees, and shrubs, as well as perennial flowers and other plants. The autumn plant parade is popular with garden lovers and professionals from Latvia and the nearest neighboring countries.

Visitors can expect not only a wide selection of plants and garden products, handicrafts, and food products but also a wonderful festive atmosphere, which will be filled with the sounds of music, pony rides for children, and competitions for visitors and participants with prizes from event supporters. We remind you that autumn, like spring, is the most suitable time for planting.

At the autumn plant parade, visitors will be offered:

-More than 100 plant growers from all over Latvia;
-Consultations in plant growing, selection, and garden planning;
-Trade of garden goods and equipment;
-Artisans and Latvian products fair;
-Free parking for cars;
-Free entry for the whole family.

Seedling parades are the only industry events where visitors can be guaranteed that only Latvian-grown seedlings are on offer. It is controlled by a specially created ethical commission, which makes sure that the plants comply with the definition adopted by the association “What is a plant grown in Latvia?”. More information can be obtained at www.stadi.lv.

Visitors are encouraged to take precautions and take individual responsibility for their own health. Disinfectants will be available to the public during the event, and please keep your distance from the sales modules.

Photography and filming may be done during the event. Photos and videos can be placed on the website of the Parade of Trees www.staduparade.lv and on the accounts of the event on the social network Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.