In preparation for this summer’s folklore festival “Baltica 2022”, the programs of folklore groups, ethnographic ensembles and individual performers have been evaluated. Three folklore groups of Sigulda region – Mālpils folklore group “Mālis”, Sigulda folklore group Senleja and Lēdurga Folklore group “Putni” have entered the first stage of Vidzeme folklore group exhibition, which gives an opportunity to participate in the folklore festival BALTICA 2022, which will take place in Latvia this year from 6 to 10 July.

The festival has been held in one of the Baltic States since 1987, in cooperation with state and municipal institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations. In Latvia, it will take place for the 12th time and will bring together ethnographic ensembles, folklore and folk dance groups, folk musicians, masters of applied arts, craftsmen and storytellers, as well as common cultural heritage from the Baltic States.

Continuing the tradition of the festival, the events will be based on a common theme. The theme of “Baltica 2022” is “Game”, emphasizing the possibilities of traditional culture to serve as a source of joy for all involved, with the aim of bringing together those Baltics who want and know how to play in song, dance, music and other locally characteristic expressions of traditional culture.

The festival program can be found by clicking here