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On 10 June, British musician Michael Kiwanuka will perform at the Sigulda Castle Ruins Stage with his supporting band and heart-warming songs, creating only positive emotions for the public. The guitar virtuoso will present his latest album “Kiwanuka” in Sigulda, which was named after the artist, highlighting his identity. The album deftly discusses sensitive issues such as racial identity, violence, mistrust and doubt.

Kiwanuka is a true unicorn who visited Latvia at the very beginning of his career in 2013, when he performed at the “Positivus” festival. Since that performance, which was recognised by many as the best of the festival, Kiwanuka has been very much welcomed in Latvia. The child of a Ugandan refugee is a truly exceptional artist who is not afraid to sing about uncomfortable topics. He proudly carries the Ugandan name and dreams of one day performing there too. In his professional beginnings, Michael participated in other musicians’ projects and recordings and never dreamed of a solo career. Even before the release of his debut album, he shared the stage with Adele herself. The pop superstar chose him to be the opening act for her ambitious concert tour, a major achievement for a young artist who had only a few songs out at the time. He won critical acclaim in 2012 with his debut album “Home Again”. His second album, “Love & Hate”, has greatly improved Kiwanuka’s brand recognition and popularity, securing him a solid place at the top of the charts. Jimi Hendrix, Bill Withers, Otis Redding, Bob Dylan and Gil Scott Heron have made an indelible and lasting impression on his life and Kiwanuka is often compared to them.

Kiwanuka uses the creative language of music to express his opinions and make his point. His songs are a personal tribute to African-American culture. A bold, highly melodic, musically intense and challenging record. It is full of energy and very slightly melancholic. The songs build on each other in perfect harmony. Michael Kiwanuka is not afraid to show his true identity – he is an introvert, not chasing fashion, money and fame.

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