International folklore festival “Baltica 2022” in Latvia
Programme July 6-10

6.VII The Baltic Night

16:00 Opening of Exhibition “Household Table” at Riga Latvian Society
18:00 Concert at the National Library of Latvia, Ziedonis hall

7.VII Opening event in Sigulda region

12:00–15:00 Display of songs, words and deeds in the region of Sigulda
Lēdurga FOREplay – relationship issues in songs and beyond
Inčukalns COUNTERplay – when people from Vidzeme and Latgale encounter one another…
Krimulda DOUBLEplay – work ethics and singing work
Mālpils OUTplay – teasing-songs and bagpipe performance
Jūdaži BYplay – everything relevant to gardening and beekeeping
Sigulda ENDplay – song battles and memoirs of tourist guides
Inciems ROLEplay – songs, stories and advices on getting along with others
Turaida INTERplay
Zelta spēļu saspēle Baltic psaltery gathering at Jāņkalns hill with Ansis Jansons
Skaņu balsiņu palaidu Outdoor singing event at Dainu hill
18:00–20:00 Opening concert Spēlē šādu vakariņu in Turaida, Dainu hill and Dziesmu garden
20:30 The great sing-along event at Dziesmu garden

8.VII Our heritage – treasure and pleasure
11:00–16:00 “Baltica” roadmap – walking tour with tasks for participants and guests
11:00–18:00 Cultural heritage workshops along the way from Vērmanes park to Brīvības
Folklore performances on two stages
11:00–18:00 Musical instrument workshops for begginers at the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian
Academy of Music, LMT hall
12:00–18:00 Musical instrument parade: From the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage at the
Riga Latvian Society, Līgo hall
13:00-15:00 Heritage crop event and exchange, Riga Latvian Society, Club hall

14:00–17:00 Concert of folklore informants at Riga Latvian Society, White hall
19:00–21:00 Storyteller event at Riga Latvian Society, White hall
16:00–19:00 Sing-along event at Brīvības square
19:00–21:00 Concert of multipart singing at the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music,
Great hall
23:00–04:00 … Social song and dance event at Riga Latvian Society, Great hall

9.VII The Day of Regions
11:00–13:00 Legend trail through the town of Kuldīga, beginning at the Kuldīga museum
13:00–15:00 Feast at Kūravas sēta, Baznīcas iela 34
17:00–19:00 Concert on the open-air stage of the castle park
14.00 Concert at Pils sēta
18.00 Concert and sing-along event at Pils sēta
12:00 Over the Hills We Go by the Skrunda Culture centre
15:00–17:00 Interplay of sounds, words and steps at the Venta riverside
18:00 Concert Sing with Me by the Venta River! on the open-air stage of the Castle hill
20:00 Storytelling night at the Skrunda open-air stage park
13:00 A concert “I Sing and Talk the Way I Do” within the framework of the Sea Festival
17:00 four playgrounds at the Pope manor garden and the courtyard of the cultural centre
19:30 Soundscapes and sound interplay on the open-air stage in Pope, a concert and sing-along
14.00-17.00 “Baltica” roadmap in social music making in the promenade and other streets
14.00 Opening of the exhibition Folk Song Informants.1991 at the Talsi Community house
15.00 Storryteller gathering in honour of Alma Makovska
18.00 Sunshine Plays on Hillfort, a concert on the hillfort
20.00 Social evening on the hillfort: dancing, sing-along
14.00–17.00 Folk group “dates”, interactive events in Dundaga and its surroundings
20.00 Concert on the open-air stage
22.00 Dance night on the open-air stage

Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia, Riga
The living heritage of all the historic regions of Latvia
10:00–12:00 Event Come Play with Me! in Market square
11:00–17:00 The living heritage at the Vidzeme household, Kurzeme household and the household of the Livonian peasant/fisherman
11:30–17:30 Folk concert and demonstrations of the culinaryheritage of the historic regions at the lakeside
12:00 Event at the Eleonorvila chapel – the return of an image of Christ
12:00–16:00 What to Expect? A quiz for folk group participants and for the audience
13:00–17:00 Heritage crop event at the “Lurķi” household
18:00–20:00 The great singalong and game-playing at the lakeside

10.VII Closing event in Talsi
10:00 Musical breakfast by the Talsi Community house
12:00 Men’s singalong and games by the art school
13.30 Parade
14.00–16.00 Closing concert on Sauleskalns open-air stage