Opening hours:

Pre-registration required


10.00 EUR/for person

The farm “Mazlauri” was founded in 1993 making dairy farming as its main agrarian activity. Since 2016, the farm started to produce cheese.

The unique quality and taste of the cheese originates from its making methos. It comes right from the freshly milked, unpasteurised and unfermented milk of the own moo-cows. “Gouda” and “Taleggio” cheeses are made according to Italian recipes and are aged for 2-4 months using traditional methods, at the right humidity and temperature.

“Mazlauri” offers a tour of the farm and an introduction to “Rehtšprehera” cheese and how it is made, including a tasting of 8 types of cheese.

Advance booking is required for farm tours!

The tours are conducted in Latvian or Russian. Approximate one tour duration is 1-1,5 h.

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