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Gastronomic project “Maize & Delikateses” – a BIO bakery, pizzeria and a new shop for lovers of life and spices.

The BIO bakery offers from old recipes, on the spot baked BIO bread, wholemeal bread which is baked in a real wood oven. For the bread baking process they only use the highest quality biological raw materials and products.

”Bella Pizza” – beauty and taste not only found in Italy, but right here in Latvia – Rāmkalnos. ‘Bella Pizza” or ”Beautiful” pizza here gets baked in a fire oven, for the dough we use real Italian pizza flour. Pizza sauces are hand-made, where we add delicious cheese and other toppings. We also offer a special pizza with Rāmkalnu smoked chicken. Continuing our story of ”Bella Pizza”, every topping has its own meaning. The Chef says that even the onions get caramelized on the spot.

On the shelves of ”Maizes & Delikateses” you can find delicacies unusual elsewhere, explore wine and delicacies from the Mediterranean countries, Georgia, Armenia, from the far Japan and other near and far lands – treat yourself and bring your beloved joy!