Opening hours:

Pre-registration required


For a group up to 6 person – 25.00 EUR, for a group for 7 – 14 person – 50.00 EUR, for a group for 15 – 20 person – 75.00 EUR.
Children up to 10 years old – free of charge when visiting with parents

Here, in spring you can enjoy asparagus and all year-round tasty bee products, as well as get acquainted with the “Ragana Rāmju rūpnīca” (A Witches Cell Mill) – a workshop for the production of beekeeping equipment.

Every year on the second Saturday of September, guests are welcome to the annual Honey Day at the apiary. And from May to September, they are equally welcome at the “Lejaslīves” apiary to see the beehouses, find out how far bees fly, see what is in the hive’s “belly”, make some frames, taste the honey and pollen harvest. Here, everyone will feel the humming and vibrating air from the farm’s bee colony!

You may choose the following educational tours:

– “How do asparagus grow?” – find out what asparagus is, how it grows, how it has adapted to our climate and what it tastes like straight from the garden bed (available to buy and taste from mid-May to mid-June);

– “How is honey made?” – a chance to find out how honey is made, what a beekeeper’s day-to-day life is like, what the bees in the hive do and how they do it, to taste pollen, bee bread and honey. This educational tour is available for groups of up to 10 people;

– “What happens in a hive?” – for those who are not afraid of bees, welcome to visit the apiary, see how the bees work, how the hives are made in every detail (available from May to September for 5 people at a time).

The tours are conducted in Latvian, Russian, English or German. Approximate one tour duration is 1-1,5h. Maximum number of participants per group – up to 20 persons.

Advance booking is required for farm tours!

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