Bath house-
120.00 EUR (for up to 10 persons).
For every next person + 10.00 EUR

Small bath house-
35.00 EUR (for 2 persons) – without overnight stay, with overnight stay + 10.00 EUR
For every next person + 5 EUR

Finnish house-
20.00 EUR (for 2 persons) with overnight stay, + 5.00 EUR for every next person

Summer canopy house-
15.00 EUR for a day (for up to 10 persons)



The guest house “Švinkates” offers an excellent opportunity to relax in silence and peace for weary townspeople, families, festival goers and sauna fans. Outside the house is a picturesque pond where you can fish. „Švinkates” is mainly meant to be a recreational place for people who like rural quiet and peace and whose hobby is fishing.

This recreation place can host three companies at the same time. The largest of the buildings – the guest house – has a lounge room with a fireplace and a small kitchen unit, in downstairs there are bathroom and Jacuzzi, and beds of up to 12 persons on the roof floor. You can enjoy sauna in a small bathhouse. For those who want only to fish and enjoy fresh countryside air, the host offers a canopy. In the pond of about 1 ha there are carps, trenches, breams, roaches and other fish. In the fire place you can not only grill the caught catch, but also make a tasty fish soup. Catering is not offered in the recreation centre, so you have to think yourselves about eating-related well-being. 

Banya (sauna) Guest house