“Zvīguļi” is a guesthouse, conference, and recreation centre in Gauja, in the territory of Gauja National Park - with picturesque and intact nature on one side and Sigulda highway (A2) on the other side.

Only 18 minutes or 30 km to Rīga. Only 8 minutes or 10 km to Sigulda. Transfer available (up to 8 passengers). The guest house offers spacious rooms for events and conferences, a comfortable and well-equipped kitchen, a fireplace hall, a sauna, and accommodation in different comfort rooms or in a common room. “Zvīguļi” is a family enterprise with individual regard towards each guest.

The guest house provides the opportunity to carry out festive events by providing its own facilities for this purpose and providing the opportunity to spend the night in comfortable rooms. From the inner courtyard, you can see a wooden area and a ravine, from where you walk along the hilly area and tidy trail, listening to the loquacious river Skola, and you will reach the banks of the Gauja river in 15 minutes. From the outer courtyard, public transport is easily accessible.

nakšņošana Guest house