Till 30.04.
1 day – 130.00 EUR
2 days – 235.00 EUR
3 days – 350.00 EUR
4 days – 470.00 EUR
5 days – 585.00 EUR

From 01.05.
1 day – 170.00 EUR
2 days – 310.00 EUR
3 days – 470.00 EUR
4 days – 620.00 EUR
5 days – 760.00 EUR


Holiday cottages at "Reiņa track" are suitable for smaller groups of friends or a family vacation. The houses offer overnight stays for 9 people.

Both houses have a spacious lounge room that is combined with a kitchen. It has a fridge, water kettle, dishes, and all the necessary things for preparing a wonderful meal.

The houses have 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, and a sauna. While sitting on the terrace, there is the possibility to have a picnic or watch a golf match. The house is located near the golf course and the skiing track.

After active rest in “Reiņa track”, in guest houses, it is possible to relax in the sauna.

holiday house nakšņošana