The guest house is located by Suda river, allowing everyone to enjoy various activities near the water. During the creation of guest house Jaunlīdumnieki it was made sure that it gives a nice cozy feel to everyone who visits, giving any visitor a chance to also enjoy Latvian bath house traditions and get more in touch with nature at the same time.

This guest house has many cozy rooms, which were made specially to make its visitors feel comfortable and more in touch with nature.

Plan of guest house We have several cozy premises that has been furnished to create convenience for leisure and fits into surrounding environment. Main living room has fireplace in the center of the room and sitting area, well equipped kitchen corner with fridge, kitchen utensils and electric cooker.

Bedroom There are nice bedroom on the second floor of the house. It has an amazing view to Suda river. Open the window and let in the fresh air and birds songs. Also available separate toilet and shower on the first floor.

Sauna Enjoy traditional sauna situated on firs floor opposite the shower room. It is amazing in colder autumn evenings. Use our birch treatment. Terrace There are terrace outside the house overlooking river, where is possible to enjoy the breakfast.