Springs Grove Park was owned by Von Tizenhauzena On the banks of the Brasle River was his hunting Palace, which is also seen boating around the river. The owner had also collected rare tree species on his property. A gardener, A.Janiten has counted around 25 species of trees (Canadian hemlokegles, balsamic spruce, red oak, etc.). The Brasla bay plains has been a favourite place to celebrate an ambitious “Zaļļumballes” festivities for residents and guests alike. Also seen from these plains on the river bank are the steep banks of Brasla, which in some places reach as high as 25 metres. Walking through the grounds of the springs grove, you can discover the grave area of the estate where the headstone of Emilija von Tizenhauzena (born Manteifeile) has remained. Stories say her favourite hunting dog has been buried next to her.

The springs grove is a protected natural monument of local importance.