Op top of the Sauleskalns hill you will have a panoramic view of Mālpils and the water reservoirs in the centre. Here you can also see the sculptures from the 1986 sculpture symposium.

The first sculpture symposium, initiated by sculptor Indulis Ranka, was held in June 1977. Four professional sculptors sculpted on the territory of the Mālpils Soviet time State Owned Farm Technical School or “sovkhoztehnikum”. As there was a plentiful supply of stones excavated during drainage works in the Mālpils surroundings, each sculptor was able to choose the most favourable for their concept. The resulting four stone sculptures were “Ūdensgariņš Burbulis” (“Water-deity Bubble” by sculptor Indulis Ranka), “Improvizācija” (“Improvisation” by sculptor Ojārs Feldbergs), “Liesmojošas stabules” (“Flaming Pipes” by sculptor Ojārs Breģis) and “Viļņos” (“In the Waves” by sculptor Raitis Bēcis). Today, you can see these sculptures in front of the Mālpils Vocational Secondary School.

The second symposium was held in 1986, which also resulted in four sculptures – “Ūdenskritums” (“Waterfall” by sculptor Juris Švalbe), “Zivs” (“Fish” by sculptor Igors Dobičins), “Foboss” (“Phobos” by sculptor Gvido Buls) and “Pārkārtošanās” (“Rearrangement” by sculptor Raitis Bēcis), which are located here on the Sauleskalns hill.