The initiative to develop the residency programme relates to the overall objective of Sigulda Municipality Council to promote reading as a priority. Establishing Sigulda Creative Residency programme is one of the cornerstones of the development strategy of Sigulda, heading to become UNESCO Creative City of Literature. 

The programme has three main goals: 1) fostering creative process, specializing on tandems or groups (author and illustrator / author and translator etc.); 2) interaction with local communities, with emphases on educational institutions; 3) to motivate residents to leave a cultural “footprint”, that would enrich the local community with elements of contemporary culture.

The Residency will provide different locations for the residents, depending on what kind of environment the residents need.

The programme was launched in December 2021 with Orbita, the creative collective/group of Latvian artists and poets writing in Russian. In 2022 the Residency will host two creative tandems – one organised by an invitation, another by an open-call.

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