Opening hours:

Reservation in advance is necessary.


Sports Models (16+ Years):

first hour 12.00 EUR /per person, each next hour 6.00 EUR
for children and pupils the first hour is 10.00 EUR /per person, each next hour is 5.00 EUR

Entourage models (16+ years):

first hour 15.00 EUR /per person, each next hour 5.00 EUR
for children and pupils the first hour is 15.00 EUR /per person, each next hour is 5.00 EUR

Reservations must be made at least one day in advance.


If you do not have enough adrenaline or just want to have fun, then accept the challenge and play Laser Tag! This team game will sweep away anyone, as well as this game perfectly unites the team - only a joint effort will help you to accomplish the mission of the game!

Laser Tag polygon is located in Sigulda, in the territory of the former military base, which kept all the conditions for exciting games with a wide arsenal. This polygon is unique because it is the only specialized laser tag testing ground in the Baltic region. All weapons are equipped with electronics that uses infra-red light, which makes the game safe for all participants. You can choose the arena and weapon for each player on your own. The instructors will conduct training and show you the area, so during the game time team can gain the maximum amount of emotion and adrenaline.

In a Laser tag game, everyone can participate – both men and women, as well as kids. The game requires players’ reaction and concentration, but the main thing – desire. Laser Tag will stay in your memory as an unforgettable entertaining special event, or just a fun time spent with friends and colleagues.