Opening hours:

Book in advance


Adults- 9.00 EUR
Children till 12 years- 7.00 EUR

Price includes Footballgolf park visit and inventory (one round) till 2h.


Footballgolf is an outdoor game for family and friends. The general aim of the play is to kick the ball into the hole according to the rules of golf. There are 18 holes available for play with different obstacles and hazards, which makes the play interesting for each player. The game can be played in pairs or in teams of 4-5 persons. The winner is the team who has played one round of 18 holes with the lowest total number of kicks.


  • suitable for different ages;
  • does not require special clothing and equipment;
  • a personal challenge – a common pleasure.

In addition, there are picnic areas with a fireplace or grill: 20.00 EUR / 1h to 30 persons, for each additional person 1.00 EUR, each next hour – 15.00 EUR.

Tentsile tree tents for rent:
2 pers. – 20 EUR /24h
3 pers. – 30 EUR/ 24h