“Augusta Stallis” stables are located in the territory of the once popular Mālpils Gardening Grounds. Today, the farm is home to 11 of its own horses, as well as horses from other owners. The owners have devoted their love and efforts to improving the environment and are willing to share their passion for horses with those who want to get to know and understand them in exchange for a huge dose of love, joy and energy.

The horse has a particular energy that has the power to brush away the everyday pressures. You approach the horse, cuddle it, and feel its special smell, body warmth and peace. You experience the magic of the here and now, as ordinary problems are left behind the stable door. You realise that you do not want to answer the phone and be caught up in the chores anymore, because you want the magic of being with horses to never end.

At “Augusta Stallis” stables, we believe that the true path to a horse is through learning about the horse’s world. Which you cannot discover sitting on horseback. A horse’s routine is not just about eating grass or hay, but also about explaining relationships, caring for each other, “catching” human attention and playing with each other.

The “Augusta Stallis” offers four different opportunities to go on the journey to a horse!

The special adventure of “On the Journey to the Horse”:

  • – staying overnight in a comfortable and well-equipped home;
  • – Horse-watching in the pastures;
  • – cuddling and grooming;
  • – horse SPA ritual;
  • – Going out with a herd of horses and getting to know them;
  • – excursion and stories about horses and horse psychology;
  • – tailor-made classes with wild horses (including small snacks for you and treats for the horses)

Price: 190.00 EUR

“On the Journey to the Horse” SPA ritual:

Guided tour and exciting stories about horses – the basics of horse psychology explaining why a horse perceives the world as a horse. A horse SPA treatment, grooming and cuddling, a session with a wild horse, going out in a herd and getting to know the horses.

Price: 1 person – 1 hour – 45.00 EUR (small snacks and coffee/tea included).

Individual classes “On the Journey to the Horse”:

Individual classes for those who want to get to know the horse and understand its behaviour, psychology, establishing a special bond with it. If you want to learn, what it takes to make a happy horse and how to raise a reliable horse that is willing to interact with people in the friendliest way. The programme is more relevant for people who want to buy a horse or who already have a horse but lack the necessary knowledge or would like to have more experience.

Price: 1 person – 1 hour – 60 EUR (small snacks and coffee/tea included), if you book a session of up to 3 hours, the price per hour is 55.00 EUR.

Furnished apartment for rent:

The 2-person apartment is located on the grounds of the “Augusta Stallis”. The accommodation has a small kitchen, a shower and a comfortable double bed. Large window overlooking the pastures and terrace.

Price: 80 EUR (check-in from 15.00 and checkout until 12.00).