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Disc golf is an outdoor game where the player must throw a special flying disc into a special basket. Why golf? – Because, like in traditional golf, the aim is to land on the target, in this case the basket, in as few shots as possible.

Disc golf is played on special disc golf courses, which usually have 18 baskets, less often 9. The route to each basket begins from the starting point, but the obstacles on the course – trees, terrain, bodies of water – make the game more exciting. It is not only the throwing skill and technique that counts, but also the strategy, the correct decision in avoiding the obstacle or in choosing the trajectory of the shot.

Disc golf’s strengths are its accessibility and its age limitlessness. Enjoy the game!

There are three disc golf courses in Sigulda:

Reiņa track, “Kalnzaķi”, Krimulda municipality, Sigulda region

Lēdurga Dendropark, Lēdurga, Krimulda municipality, Sigulda region

Inčukalns Hunting Logde, Kārļzemnieki, Inčukalns municipality, Sigulda region

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