Being together in nature – it is a story about values such as spending time in nature and inspiring adventures that create memories.

ReWild – enjoy our family friendly adventures! Whoever you are, a pair, a family with children or a group of friends, the adventures experienced will be again and again recalled and cheerfully discussed upon meeting. Enjoy the nature – we have taken care of everything you need! Taking part in the adventure you and your team will be provided with:

– Well-considered route,

– The black rucksack with 5 captivating tasks in to be solved on the checkpoints,

– GPS device to avoid deviating from the route,

The tasks would be appropriate for kids and adults. The routes are of different difficulty levels for everybody to take part. Your choice is just where to go this time.

In addition, rental of tourist equipment is offered (wooden tents, sleeping bags, camping stove, children’s carrying bag, etc.

active recreation