Rental of cable:

Working days (10.00 – 17.00) – 25.00 EUR/h

Working days (17.00 – 22.00) – 30.00 EUR/h

On holidays and public holidays (10.00 – 22.00) – 30.00 EUR/h

Rental of inventory:

Board, helmet, vest – 5.00 EUR/per set.

Hydrosuit rentals – 5.00 EUR/person.

Volleyball ball – 3.00 EUR /day.

SUP board rent:

Hour – 5.00 EUR

Work days all day rent – 20.00 EUR

On holidays and public holidays all day rent – 25.00 EUR

Lifevest for Suping – 2.00 EUR

Voleyball court:

5.00 EUR/day


Created in 2019, the Wakepark is designed to bring water joys not only to wakeboarding professionals but also to active young families and families with children, as well as any passing rider who wants to challenge themselves or friends for exciting and interesting activities. “Wake Mālpils”  offers a “Wakestation” cable system and a park of water structures.

While on a mere 15-minute drive from Sigulda, the wake park can’t be overlooked. Like a bright sun, it shines in the reflection of the River Sudan and invites everyone to enjoy the pleasures of the water on a well-developed riverbank, where a new and modern cable-style wakefield has been created.

Wake park has room to change and respectively warm up on cooler evenings. A spacious roof terrace, chairs and tables to catch your breath and enjoy some drink or ice cream.

In “Wake Mālpils” it is also possible to rent SUP boards, a beach volleyball court, as well as lease the entire wake park to a private party.