1 person –  20.00 EUR

2 persons – 35.00 EUR

Farm “Kalnabestes” in Turaida offers relaxation over beehives, enjoying relaxation and bee buzzing by the “Montia Zummotava” healer.

Montia Zummotava offers bee therapy in a cottage with two beds in an exclusive location, a neighborhood of the Turaida Museum Reserve where you can sleep over bees while very close to them and breathe medicinal hive air, enjoy the microvibration and phytotherapeutic effect of bees

A special biofield forms around beehives. Human-bee biofield interactions occur. This is how human health is corrected. Contact with bees helps clear liver cells and stimulates their regeneration, hive therapy has a beneficial effect on the central and peripheral nervous system. It is recommended for a growing organism, strengthens immunity, and harmonizes cardiovascular function.

Thanks to the micro-vibrations that come from the bee family, the blood supply of the brain improves and blood pressure normalizes. The vibration frequency of the bee hive corresponds to that of a whole cell. While a person lies on hives, the body warms from the inside. Heat and bioenergy reduce inflammation of the back, neck and waist.

The hive therapy co-operates with phytotherapy and bioenergy healing by bees. Bee therapy is most effective in April – September when bee peroration time is active.

The duration of the session is about 1 hour, you can also enjoy a delicious herbal tea with honey from Montia.