01.05. – 30.09.
SGL – 85.00 EUR
DBL/TWIN – 85.00 EUR
SemiLux – 100.00 EUR
LUX – 110.00 EUR

01.10. – 30.04.
SGL – 65.00 EUR
DBL/TWIN – 75.00 EUR
SemiLux – 85.00 EUR
LUX – 95.00 EUR
On Saturdays and public holidays, the prices are the same as from 01.05. till 30.09.


SPA Hotel "Ezeri" offers 30 comfortable rooms with modern interiors, a spa complex with a swimming pool, and several saunas. The beauty of the hotel vicinity is the picturesque lake surrounded by forest. The love trail, which awakens splendid senses, is curling through a beautiful garden of the hotel.

The presence of nature can be felt in the hotel rooms – they are given the names of herbs and flowers. In the pictures on the walls, there are beautiful sun-yellow dandelions, bright lilacs, and tiny anemones, as well as other plants, which complement the modern interior of the hotel and form a close connection with the magnificent surroundings.

A great opportunity to regain wellness in the SPA complex, which offers a wide range of classic and exotic massages, various pearl baths, as well as beautician services. The sauna complex offers the opportunity to enjoy a Turkish – steam aroma bath and traditional sauna. Guests can relax in the pools and watch the stars in the Jacuzzi under the open sky. You can also enjoy romantic SPA treatments for couples. In a natural and harmonic environment, it is possible to discover the miraculous water world that strengthens and inspires.
The SPA Hotel Ezeri relaxation centre offers two types of sauna – sauna and steam bath, heated and cold pools with massage devices, contrast pool for the wellbeing of your feet, outdoor pool and heated open-air SPA pool.

Guests can enjoy a delicious meal at the hotel’s restaurant “Gadalaiki”, which features a picturesque view of the lake surrounded by forest and a landscaped garden, through which the love trail curls. “SPA Hotel Ezeri” offers all kinds of catering according to clients’ wishes and possibilities, as well as various additional services in relation to organizing celebrations, decorating, etc. Spacious and bright rooms for seminars and celebrations for up to 80 people are available, providing also overnight stay.

The philosophy of well-being is part of our life. Peace and rejuvenation are the cornerstones of harmony and equilibrium. Spend a day, weekend or the whole week in the refreshing breeze from the countryside, with the beautiful, ever-changing nature, at a place where there’s time to be alone with yourself or find new friends. Learned and experienced specialists in both fitness and beauty will make every hour a magical experience that relaxes the body, the mind, and the spirit.

There is no need to go very far to enjoy complete peace and to relax in a beautiful, relaxing environment of the Hotel SPA Ezeri (“Sanus per Aquam” or “health through water”) – through aromatic body and face procedures, the healing force of water, the aromatic scent of flowers, freshness and morning of Sigulda, where the adjacent clear lake is framed by the change of seasons and the music of nature, which leads to rebirth and inner enlightenment, guarantees embodiment of health and beauty, harmony between the soul and body. Peace and harmony are the foundations for restoring your vitality at our SPA – Sanus per Aqua – health through water. If you want to enjoy the healing power of therapeutic procedures and forget your daily stresses and worries, come and visit the SPA Hotel “Ezeri”.

Do you recognize the scent of birch besoms? Have you experienced the blissful feeling which comes after heating in the steam and dipping in refreshing water? Have you ever felt a whirlpool of the happiness hormone?

Banya (sauna) Hotel SPA