Siguldas county in Sidgunda has established the Candle and aroma house. The newly created masterclass and workshop venue has a romantic atmosphere and varying smells. Every Member can make a candle or perfume they like that they will be able to inspire because they will be made based on exactly the essential oil that will be individually selected.

To determine the essential oils to use in candle casting, you must undergo a diagnostic process during which, by smelling and comparing different essential oils, each will find what they like, which will also be used to create a scent fragrance. Each person has individual needs and the body’s current resources, which essential oils can stimulate – raising levels of joy, calming down, relaxing, improving sleep quality, unleashing creativity or working ability. A properly chosen aroma can improve quality of life, and affect brain function, and emotional and mental state.

Candle pouring, fragrance workshop and aroma diagnostics for groups of up to 10 persons.

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