Opening hours:

01.05. – 31.10. 10.00 – 16.00
01.11 – 30.04. – please arrange your visit in advance


Adult – 5.00 EUR
Pupil, student, pensioner – 3.00 EUR
Children till 5 years – free of charge

For groups of more than 10 people – 3 EUR /person
For groups of pupils of more than 10 people – 2 EUR /person
For families with 3 and more children 30% discount


There is the possibility to view exhibits on World War II, accompanied by a guide: weapons, military uniforms, equipment, as well as a T-34 army tank.

At the end of World War II, in 1944 on September 25 to 30, intensive battles between the Soviet Army and soldiers from the Latvian Legion, enlisted under the German Army, took place on the territory of More parish. For two weeks soldiers of the Latvian Legion fought on their own soil an army ten times larger, thus halting at the Sigulda defensive line the march of the Soviet Army for Riga. This has influenced further historical events.


  • an open-air exhibition of Soviet Army Tank T-34 and other military equipment from World War II;
  • an indoor collection of weapons, medals, military uniforms, and accessories;
  • a layout map and situation model of the Battles of More;
  • stories by and discussions on history with the museum staff;
  • household articles and handicraft work from around the vicinity of More;
  • a craftsman jewelers workshop and souvenirs;
  • a playground for children and relaxation area and canopy with tables and campfire.

History of the Museum:

The Memorial sites of World War II Battles of More were created in More parish with support from the state and sponsors.

The Memorial sites:

  • a cemetery of fallen soldiers from the Latvian Legion;
  • a cemetery of fallen soldiers from the Soviet Army;
  • an entrenchment, bunkers, a battlefield, a memorial plate – within the memorial park of More Battles;
  • the creation of the Battles of More Museum was started in order to make it an object of cultural history, education, and tourism.

As a result of cooperation between Sigulda Soldiers Association (Siguldas karavīru biedrība) and Latvian Officer Association (Latviešu Virsnieku apvienība), the first exposition was established at Kalna Kaņēni in 2002 consisting of items found in the battlefield and materials documenting this episode of war.
The daily maintenance of a newly created museum was undertaken by a coterie, which in 2006 has established the Association “More Museum”.

Activities of the association members have resulted in an earmarked subsidy from the state for the repairs of Museum premises, and each year the municipality grants a small number of funds for the creation of exposition in the museum.

Providing a tour guide to groups of any size, in 2006 the association hosted approximately 3500 visitors in the museum, while in 2007 it amounted to 4000.

The battles of More Memorial sites and the Museum provide school students with an interactive history lesson on a highly specific episode of history and an in-depth explanation with authentic visual aids. During the events organized by the Museum, an opportunity to meet the eyewitnesses of More Battles is offered.

All visitors of the Museum are also its active developers and with the help of their contributions, the exposition has tripled.

In 2007, the association “More Museum” developed a long-term development plan for the Museum of Battles of More and has submitted it to the project competition. In 2007, on September 4th the project was financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway within the framework of the European Economic Zone/Norvegian Financial Instrument and with the mediation of the Society Integration Foundation of the Republic of Latvia. The funds were used for strengthening the operation of the Association, a new room was repaired in the Museum for expansion of the exposition, and publicity on the Museum was improved.