Opening hours:

Rezervations only – +371 25451179


Kids up to 7 years – free

Entrance fee – 2.00 EUR

Family ticket (3-5 people) – 5.00 EUR

Group ticket (10-15 people) – 15.00 EUR

15+ people group – 30.00 EUR



At the Skulme home of Malpils Parish, the season began on April 21, 2022 – the birthday of actor Valentine Skulme. Skulmes opened its doors for the first year as municipal property.

The memorial room of sculptor Martha Skulme and painter and set designer Otto Skulme at the Skulme home of Malpils Parish opened on August 8, 1982, a memorial room for actor Valentine Skulme was also later set up. The surroundings of the Skulme houses are described in Ivandes Kaijas novel “Native sin.” There are currently 3 rooms open for viewing – Martha and Otto Skulmes’s room, Valentine Skulme’s room and the veranda. From the porch and the backyard of the house, a view of Mergupi. Tour of the house is with the guide.

Entrance fee only in cash