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Key Square, at the junction of Raiņa and Pils streets, was inaugurated in 2007 to mark the 800th anniversary of Sigulda. The three giant steel keys commemorate the respective unity among the historical centres of Sigulda, Turaida, and Krimulda.

In addition, the Square also contains integrated artwork installations known as The Arches, the Little Bridge, and the Keys.

Horticultural displays based on the city’s annual theme, showcase different seasonal plants. Key Square is especially delightful in spring with an abundance of pansies, tulips, crocuses, and many other flowers on display.

Within the square is a small arching bridge, the Little Bridge, which has become a favorite place for newlyweds. Together the couple places a padlock, symbolizing a pure and faithful love, onto the railing of the bridge. (Please note that padlocks are not allowed to remain permanently attached to the bridge.)

In addition to unity, the keys have another symbolic meaning which is that of security and self-reliance. This dates back to the Middle Ages when the massive gates of a city’s fortress would literally be locked overnight against a possible enemy attack. The head of the city was also the keeper of the key thus if a town should become occupied during war, the keeper would be required to surrender the key as well. The symbolic meaning of the town key has lingered into the modern age, leaving the actual purpose of locking the town behind in history.

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