Environmental object in honor of the 25th Latvian cyclist unity ride (unveiled in 2016). The author is Arvīds Endziņš, head of the Metal Design Department of the Latvian Academy of Arts. The first names and surnames of the 2015 cycling participants are engraved on the environmental object.

The environmental object is made of stainless steel and corten steel – a metal that acquires a rust color. The curvaceous base of the object symbolizes the path upward, characteristic of Sigulda region, both in a direct and an indirect sense, while the silver wheels of various sizes, interwoven in a unified chain, symbolize the ultimate goal of the Unity journey – different generations living together.

Unveiling the unique environmental object, the Latvian Cycling Unity Ride organizer Igo Japiņš said: “This is an important event in Latvian cycling. The historic environmental object is a testament to the strong cycling traditions of our country, which continue to evolve over time.”

Already for 17 years, the Latvian Cyclists Unity Ride has taken place in Sigulda, which, thanks to the beautiful nature of the Gauja old valley and the challenging Gauja hill, is attractive to many thousands of bicycle riders. Uģis Mitrevics, Chairman of Sigulda County Council, also admitted: “Sigulda is known for its bicycle network and mountainous, challenging cycling routes in the Gauja old valley. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Latvian Cyclists Unity Ride, a record number of cyclists gathered in Sigulda last year – a new record for renewed Latvia, where so many bicycle riders gather together, so I hope that this environmental object will serve as a reminder that cycling and Sigulda are closely related, and it will invite Latvian cyclists to test their stamina on the exciting Sigulda cycling tracks.”

The Latvian Cyclists Unity Ride is the most ambitious and the richest in traditions cycling mass event in the Baltic States and occupies an important place in European public cycling events. In 2015, the Unity bicycle ride gathered more than 6000 participants and received the Latvian annual award in sports – as the best event for the popular sport.

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