Kiosk Bundulītis, the former dairy pavilion was built in 1910 due to the order of Turaida manor owner to sell diary product and snacks for tourists visiting Turaida and Gutman's Cave

Dairy pavilion building was the first task that Turaida manor owner Baron Aleksandrs Staels fon Holšteins entrusted building master and manor new construction manager Jānis Lapiņš.

After a sketch of a Dancigan architect, a kiosk was built on a hillside near Gutman’s cave – all of the oak wood, with granite and stone foundations and the same kind stairs to it. Baron and the author of the sketch with his master and his 15 men’s construction teamwork were very pleased. As appreciation Lapiņš received 25 rubles and drawing accessories.

There was a dairy pavilion also in Sigulda, but it has not remained till nowadays.