Architectural monument of local importance, number of state protection 8493. The building was built in 1924, according to architect P. Kundziņš projected residential building project "Dr. Rubīns residential building project in Sigulda" (confirmed in the Building Council on 12th October 1923).

On 1st June 1925, the first Latvian private sanatorium was opened in the house, which was installed in his own house at his own expense by Dr. Alfrēds Rubīns. He has been actively involved in the fight against tuberculosis. In the sanatorium, there was a mountain solar device and a novelty in the medicine of the time – an X-ray machine that was available to a wider range of people.

In 1936, the boarding house “Splendid” was opened in the building that promised guests nice, warm rooms and was open all year round. In 1938, Rubīns’ private sanatorium was bought by the Town Council and they placed here the town administration, which until then had been housed in rented premises.