Architectural monument of state importance, number of state protection 8502. Hotel "Sigulda" is one of the rare buildings in the town which has kept its initial function and to great extent also it's an external image.

After the construction of railway line Rīga- Valka in 1899, the owners of Sigulda manor built the hotel Segewold as the first house near the railway building. The granite stone-lined building had a glazed veranda with a summer café or a pub with a separate entrance.

The Kropotkin’s family leased the hotel which was built on manor land – for a fixed amount per year – initially for 1000 roubles, for 3000 roubles in 1901, and in 1909 for 3500 roubles.

During the First World War, the hotel was plundered. After the agrarian reform, the building was nationalized and it became the property of joint-stock company “J.A. The hotel was severely damaged during the Second World War.