Architectural monument of local importance, number of state protection 8503. The building was built in the 20s of the 20th century, according to the project No.231 approved by the Construction Board of Sigulda on May 20, 1925 - "Krūmiņš' residential building project in Sigulda, ground No. 766".

The author of the project – civil engineer Bērzupe. The building project was designed to set up a café and a pastry shop on the ground floor, and on the first floor – the owner’s living quarters. The building project also provided for the construction of open porches at both ends of the building as a seasonal use additional premises of the café.

Until nowadays, the openings of the open porches have not survived, but the main volume of the building itself has remained unchanged. The owner of the building, Arnolds Krūmiņš, was a magistrate in Sigulda, the first chairman of Sigulda Town Council, his wife Emīlija Krūmiņa – an active social worker, the head of the ladies’ committee of the Sigulda Household Society.