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Old tales say the Livonian chief Runtins hid from the persecutors in this cave, so sometimes the cave is called Runtins Cave.

The Kubesele cave is formed in the sandstones of the upper Devon Gauja entourages in sandstone as a result of prolonged groundwater activity (suphoses cave). The cave resembles a large room with 1.3 m wide doors. The approximate length of the cave in Kubesela is 5-6 m, with ceiling up to 3 m. Sandstones are smallgrained, weak and medium-cemented. Horizontal layers are observed in the sandstones of the cave walls and ceilings. You can see how iron hydroxide has settled as underground waters flow through permeable tiny layers and cracks of sandstone, forming a rustic, tiny arrangement of layers.

The Kubeseles Cave is a protected geological object of local significance.

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