Kaļķugravas (Mežmuižas) springs are springs compilation in Allaži parish. The springs flow from the slope of Kaļķugrava and, depending on the amount of precipitation, the number of springs ranges from 3 to 14.

Mežmuiža springs flow along the rocky slope and flow into the mill’s pond. It is supposed that the old shore slope of Silciema glacier cage lake used to be here.

Mežmuiža spring nature reserve was established in 1977. Its area is 27 ha. This place is made special by the presence of slope and ravine forests, moderately wet meadows and boreal forests, dry forest and wetland forests, as well as specially protected habitats – mineral-rich springs and spring bogs. Footpaths, staircases have been set up to view the springs.

Allaži nature trails were created in 2001 by the Allaži parish council. The springs are unique – the springs here create limestone quarry. The mill pond bed below the springs are colored in a specific greenish tint. The territory complies with the criteria for the establishment of a Natura 2000 site, therefore, with the law “On Specially Protected Nature Territories” the reserve is defined as a protected area of European importance – Natura 2000.

Since the Mežmuiža’s springs have a very steep fall, the water mills had been set up here. In the past, the water flowed from the dam of the pond along with the wooden tray or the manger to the Kaļķugrava mill wheel.

Sightseeing nature object