The Kubesele hillfort is an archaelogical monument of local importance with the River Runtiņš and Kubesele cave situated nearby. The Krimulda pastor’s manor is situated on Kubesele hillfort. Three slopes of the castle mound are very steep, they may have been artificially steepened to seperate the hillfort from the surrounding low meadows. The concavity in the terrain of the hill eastwards from the pastor’s house could be the site of the protective moat of the hillfort, which was filled in later on. Some historians believe that hillfort is the site of the castle of Kaupo – the ruler or chief of the Gauja Livonians. It must be noticed that no archaelogical substantiation for the link of the Kubesele hillfort with any of the castles of Livonians has been found to date. However, the fact that Kubesele (Krimulda) Church was historically built precisely here, bears evidence that a Gauja Liv settlement or hillfort used to be situated nearby, because a church would never built in an uninhabited place. The nearby Liv 11-13 century grave mounds also serve as evidence of dense population.

We recommend walking along the Kubesele nature and history trail!

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