Zuši sulphur spring is located in the Mores parish of Sigulda district near the house Zuši. They are made up of several sulfur springs, the largest of which drains 600,000 liters of sulfur water per day.

In 2014, as part of the “Četri krasti” project “Avotu ielejas taka”, the surroundings of the Zuši sulphur spring and access to the spring, which has long been a popular destination for tourists and people seeking health, were improved. The project included the construction of a driveway, landscaped boardwalk, and a bridge, which has made access to the spring much easier and accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Surrounding mud has healing properties, as a result, before World War II in Zuši operated medical institution with sulfur and mud baths, but stopped working during the war.

When Sigulda became a popular and well-visited resort, in 1926 Sigulda was included in the list of official resorts of the Ministry of the Interior. This allows foreigners to stay in Sigulda for up to 14 days without a special police permit. Sigulda has joined places like Rīgas Jūrmala, Ķemeri, Baldone, and Liepāja.

In 1927 works began and in 1928 was opened Pogaiņa sulfur and mud bath institution in Zuši. In 1935 was built a separate house for patients. All work was done by the owner at his own expense. Since the name of the resort at that time was more associated with healing institutions, then of course locals are proud of the Zuši sulphur spring offer. There is a bus service from Sigulda to Zuši, which allows residents of the town to take healing procedures without using accommodation and catering. As the press in that time notes, sulfur mud composition is marked equivalent to Ķemeri mud.

The following diseases are recommended to be treated with Zuši sulphur spring water: Muscle and joint rheumatism, gout, obesity, women’s diseases, various nerve diseases – nerve inflammation, etc., surgical diseases – bone pain after fractures, joint stiffness, vein inflammation – thrombosis, leg wheezing, chronic skin diseases, etc.

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