You will find the Large Boulder by following the route – “Kubesele Nature and History Trail”.

Legend has it that the Large Boulder was called the Devil’s Boulder in ancient times, because the Devil was squatting on it, while watching the people on the banks of the Gauja. Of course, here, as elsewhere, he was disturbed by a cockerel.

The Large Boulder is a protected geological object. Occasionally, the boulder is called the Runtiņš Spring Stone because of the spring flowing next to it. The height of the boulder is 1.1 m to 2.5 m, its length is 5.3 m and width – 3.7 m. It is a rounded-shape pegmatite with inclusions of coarse-crystal granite. The story goes that, in the early 20th century, the Large Boulder was located directly on the bank of the River Gauja and the most reckless swimmers jumped from the boulder into the Gauja. Today, the Large Boulder is located more than 50 m away from Gauja. The riverbed is constantly changing, creating new shoals that grow over with vegetation as time passes.