8 Km
Level of difficulty: Medium
  • 2-3h
  • Pils un Kr. Barona ielu krustojums, Sigulda

On October 31, 2020, poem's father Krišjānis Baron turned 185 years old. In order to highlight the connection of the folklorist with Sigulda and mark the writer's walking path in Turaida, an eight-kilometer long walking route was created. The route developed by the specialists of the Tourist Information Center of Sigulda region starts at the Krišjānis Barons monument, further leading to the Sigulda castle quarter, the bridge over the Gauja, the beautiful nature trail that leads along the banks of the Gauja itself, Gutmans cave, the Kārļa mountain, the Turaida museum reserve (entrance fee). It is followed by a trail preserved in the memories of Krišjānis Barons, where you can see the place where Krišjānis Barons lived.

Krišjānis Barons says in his memories: “My path went through New castle to Sigulda. I stayed there for a whole week, walking around the gorgeous Gauja valley and both of its banks. Between Siguldi, Krimuldi and Turaidi. Sunday came. A lot of audience came. Various interesting scenes were visible. I was up early. I put on white trousers, which I had just washed, inherited from my uncle, and went to see Riga, because I was told that from Sigulda you can see the towers of Riga across the flat plain. In order to review Riga as widely as possible, I climbed another tall tree. In spite of me, the bull’s air covered the nearby plain and, seeing no one, I fell back to the ground. The tree no longer has branches that grow well from the ground. On the last branch of the stem, I landed on the ground, but the cunning stem caught the pants and split the entire leg up to the top. In such a sad way, just hiding and avoiding the public wandering all around, I got home, to the pub, where I had another pair of pants.”

The memory route of Krišjānis Barons has been created in printed form and as well as electronically, and is available at the Tourism Information Center. The walking route is also available in Sigulda’s mobile app. The informative material was created in cooperation with the representatives of the Krišjānis Baron family and the Turaida Museum Reserve.

Sightseeing objects

Monument to Krišjānis Barons
Castle of Livonian order in Sigulda
The New Castle of Sigulda
The bridge over Gauja River
Gutman’s Cave
Turaida Museum Reserve
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