19 Km
Level of difficulty: Medium
  • 6-8h
  • Vītiņkalni, Krustiņi, Inčukalna pagasts, Siguldas novads
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Rāmkalni-Sigulda is part of long distance cross-border hiking trail "The Forest Trail".

Past “Rāmkalni”, the Forest Trail wanders up the steep banks of Gauja valley, passes through Gauja village and comes back down. Then it crosses river Lorupe and continues along the bends of river Gauja, passing one of the most spectacular outcrops of the river, the Velnala Cliffs, goes up to Ķeizarskats observation spot and circles down to Ķeizarkrēsls, adventure park “Mežakaķis” at Kaķīškalns and the Sigulda Bobsleigh and Luge Track.

Sightseeing objects

Katlapu Rock
Ziedleju Cliffs
Lorupe valley
Emperor’s chair and Emperor’s view
Bobsleigh and Luge track Sigulda
Cable Car over Gauja River
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