For the seventh year now, the only Swing Festival in Latvia will take place in Sigulda during Easter, from 8 to 10 April.

The festival traditionally offers the opportunity to swing on various swings created by the swing festival masters and enjoy the environmental objects made by the artists, however, this year the festival is going to surprise you with a number of new features.

In cooperation with the team of the company SIA “Yes We Can”, the Sigulda railway station square is going to witness the arrival of a very special Easter landmark – Latvia’s largest blossoming bunny, which will delight festival visitors and capture their memories in photographs.

In May Park, “”, and Estonian “Kiiking” on the Festival Square will challenge the laws of gravity and surprise festivalgoers with some breath-taking performances.

The exhibition “Noise” by artists Kristiāns Brekte and Modris Svilāns will evoke the spring in the “Silva” hall of “Siguldas Devons”.

While twenty thematic swings will be placed on the Festival Square. Each of the swings will have its own story, message, and unique artistic setting. Sigulda’s ambition is to become a UNESCO Creative City for Literature, thus the thematic line of the swings located on the Festival Square will be literature based. Reflecting the anniversary year of Latvian poet Imants Ziedonis, the thematic swings will tell the stories of the Ziedonis poetry, prose, reveal on the characters of the “Epiphanies” and the “Colourful Fairy Tales”.

The Swing Festival will start on Saturday, 8 April, with the unveiling of Latvia’s largest blossoming bunny and the traditional Bunny Olympic Run, kicking off at 13.00 in Sigulda Railway Station Square.

For two days, everyone will be welcome to attend the Easter Market on Sigulda’s Festival Square, that will run in cooperation with the initiative “Our Bio Market”. On Saturday, 8 April, 13.00-17.00 and Sunday, 9 April, 11.00-16.00, visitors will have the opportunity to buy some yummy delicacies for the festive table and useful handicraft items for home and gifts, as well as to learn about crafts and try them out at the Easter “Zum-Zum” Ziedonis-theme blossoming and creativity workshops.

The Swing Festival has given an opportunity to also support the Ukrainian community who now call Sigulda Municipality their home. This year, festival guests will be able to enjoy the already much-loved Ukrainian borscht and continue to work together in creating the “Wings of Freedom” swing dedicated to Ukraine’s victory.

The only Swing Festival in Latvia has been taking place in Sigulda for the seventh consecutive year.

Easter swings in Sigulda!